Our Company

A registered mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), GetFi aims to be a leader in the telecommunications industry by providing the most value-added mobile solutions to our subscribers.

As digitization continues to reshape the mobile industry, GetFi is focused on fulfilling the increasing needs of mobile users through innovative digital services, great data value and an engaging reward and rebate system.
Aside from mobile solutions, GetFi also strives to empower local merchants and inspire budding entrepreneurs with an economy-sharing service, exclusive to GetFi Plus subscribers.

At GetFi, we believe in expanding the potential of mobile technologies, and the possibilities of mobile development is only as limited as our imagination.


To be the most rewarding mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) in the Malaysian market. GetFi seeks to connect our subscribers to their communities and beyond. However, our drive extends further than being a simple communications provider. We challenge the status quo of the mobile industry by delivering mobile solutions that are equally exceptional and beneficial to our subscribers, solutions that will provide indispensable value in all aspects of their modern lifestyle. With this mission firmly in mind, we strive to create a better mobile network service and set a new standard in the industry.


To become the leading mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that places people first and foremost, GetFi believes that our subscribers deserve nothing but the best, from the best network to the best rewards. With a strong commitment to our subscribers and their needs, we aim to enhance our networking technology and introduce fresh mobile solutions while further improving our products and services. Our priority is ensuring that we provide competitive value, and we will work diligently to break new ground in the industry and create the most immersive mobile experience.

Our Brand Values

A strong foundation is necessary for a solid business, and our business is held up by four core brand values.


In order to make any vision a reality, one must have passion, and it is passion to reinvent the communication between people that drives us at GetFi.


Technology is always progressing, but GetFi further enriches technology to become innovative solutions that can greatly benefit people.


Everyone should have the chance to realise their full potential, and GetFi is committed to provide ample opportunities to help our users achieve their goals.


Passion, innovation and opportunity are nothing if we do not continuously improve the daily life of our users. Our priority is always, first and foremost, our users.

The Future Is Here

GetFi strives to enhance existing mobile technologies, developing them to their fullest potential and increasing their value to society. Our desire for constant innovation is certain to bring about exciting digital lifestyles to our subscribers and create a brilliant future for our employees and shareholders. By breaking barriers and building bonds, GetFi will grow to new heights of business success and advancement.