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Double Data Promotion Terms and Conditions

Double Data Promotion Period:

Valid from 4th October 2018 - 30th June 2019

Double Data Promotion:
  1. Applicable to GetFi Plus subscription plan (LITE 39, PREMIUM 59 or ULTIMATE 99) only.
  2. You will receive double the amount of mobile data based upon the plan you have subscribed to (valid for LITE 39, PREMIUM 59 or ULTIMATE 99).
  3. Below is the amount of mobile data you will receive based on the plan you subscribed to:
    • - LITE 39 - 12 GB mobile data
    • - PREMIUM 59 - 24 GB mobile data
    • - ULTIMATE 99 - 40 GB mobile data
Other Terms:
  1. All information you provide must be accurate, complete and true.
  2. The shipping address you provide must be complete and accurate. GetFi Network Sdn Bhd will not bear the consequences if the Starter Pack is sent to your provided address which proves to be incorrect.
  3. By purchasing a promotion package, you agree and consent to your personal information being collected, processed and used by GetFi Network Sdn Bhd in accordance with our Privacy Policy, which may be viewed on our website at www.getfi.com.my.
  4. Any information given, submitted and/or provided by you to GetFi Network Sdn Bhd will be our sole and exclusive property.
  5. GetFi Network Sdn Bhd reserves the right to change, update, amend, modify, suspend and/or terminate the promotion, its details, eligibility and terms accordingly at any time without notice.